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the 2nd gel at 50%

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The science behind kauka

How does the purple gel remove my yellow spots?

Think of Purple Whitening Gel as a concealer for your teeth - the purple color corrector works against yellow stains on your teeth . Combined with sodium phytate, this gel whitens your teeth in 2 minutes .

The +? You will have white teeth no matter where you go.

How do the Strips remove yellow spots?

The peroxide-free formula effectively removes yellow stains caused by coffee, tea and wine, with visible results.

The +? You will have white teeth in just 3 steps.

What ingredient replaces peroxide?

In our products we use sodium phytate as an alternative to peroxide. This ingredient acts as an effective whitening agent, delivering visible results while ensuring a gentler, eco-friendly approach.

Why choose Kauka?

Because we care about your health. Our Canadian-made products do not contain peroxide, providing effective results without harming enamel health or causing discomfort. With visibly whiter teeth and no sensitivity, Kauka Smile offers the perfect solution for your on-the-go whitening needs.

The complete kauka routine

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Safe for your tooth enamel and painless