The Future of Teeth Whitening is Bright...

And Sensitivity-free

Very satisfied, I saw results quickly and I am no longer afraid to smile. I also noticed that my teeth stained less after drinking coffee or eating certain foods. Very happy with my purchase.

★★★★★ | Audrey P.


No harm to your enamel or gum and no sensitivity whatsoever

Whitening Purple Gel

A make-up for your Teeth

The purple color corrector works against yellow stains on your teeth. Combined with sodium phytate, this gel whitens your teeth effortlessly.

Who's Kauka

Founded in Quebec by twins, Steven and Thomas, Kauka Smile is the affordable solution for whiter teeth without pain or peroxide. Our brand offers professional whitening at an affordable price, without compromising on results.


For Whiter Teeth

Kauka Smile products are safe to use on dental work as it is a non-abrasive tooth whitening. However, we recommend avoiding brushing it on these types of teeth, because only natural teeth can be corrected. We always advise you to check with your dentist before using it, to ensure that it is suitable, and that this is a product that is right for you.

PURPLE WHITENING GEL: The Purple Whitening Gel temporarily whitens teeth using its Color Corrector. Perfect for people who have yellow teeth and want to use it as a concealer every day to have whiter looking teeth.

WHITENING STRIPS: If you are ever looking for permanent teeth whitening, our peroxide-free whitening strips are the best solution for permanent whitening without sensitivity.

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